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Mysteurei is the spokesperson for, and visionary behind, Theologically Blonde. Part mystic (non-conformist) and part scholar (traditional), her primary interest lies in exploring how God speaks to us and how we can interpret His messages in the way He intends us to receive them. Accordingly, her theology encompasses a variety of disciplines; some that commonly accepted in traditional religious circles and others that are not as universally embraced. Her approach preserves the Christian message, which has become overly focused on Christology, by balancing it with a focus on the Holy Spirit (as God functions in our lives today) to bring the message line with the divine intent that Jesus intended to inspire in us in an approachable and more inclusive format.






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    “The Magi knew stories that pertained to each star, where each was situated and how the wandering planets moved through the [fixed] stars. I can call myself as one of the magi because I’ve been following the stars, the stories that are God’s script for mankind, for over 20 years while I have been studying the word of God – maybe I approach Divine intent a little differently than most, but I have respect for all the denominations. I see us all as brothers and sisters who worship the same God. We should learn from one another and be whole.” ~Mysteurei

    “Don’t ask to understand the mystery of the universe, but to know this moment of truth.” ~Mysteurei

    “I believe that the stars are God’s alphabet.” ~Mysteurei


    into to the Theologically Blond channel on YouTube to listen to her provocative discussions and interviews. She will surely charm you with her unique ability to link two very differently functioning worlds: the material world in which the human spiritual process functions in a relationship between body, mind, and soul, and the mysterious world beyond the veil, where God and eternity function on a different time and space continuum, one that we can sense rather prove in material, empirical, or humanistic terms. Mysteurei never speaks from a script. She simply tunes in, channels divine inspiration, and allows it to flow freely – straight from her heart to the door of your soul. Simple, refreshing, restorative.

    Particularly interesting are her spiritual explorations through the cosmos, the forgotten and often overlooked path to divine wisdom. Her engaging and insightful programs expose threads of original Heavenly intent, hidden in the stars, as what is written in the Bible is supported in the divine logic of the stars.

    and tap in at the wellhead of pure divine energy, where truth flows freely and uncorrupted by dogma, to discover what you’re really made of and why. Mysteurei’s mission is to guide you through this ultimate journey on the path to greater awareness and self understanding, as you discover the true nature and meaning of your life, and learn how you were scripted to fit into the overall Grand Scheme – just as the perfect treasure you are born to be. Her material makes such perfect sense that you will find yourself effortlessly blazing new and more expansive trails to self knowledge, eliminating your blocks, and unleashing the talents that God has masterfully woven into the fabric of your own unique potentials and possibilities. With Mysteurei as your guide, you will find your way in a manner that feels completely natural and entirely guilt free.

    Mysteurei is a resident of southern California. She acquired her college education from Bible College, school of Calvary Chapels and her graduate degree from Master’s International School of Divinity. In addition to her studies and raising three children over the years, she has a talent for design and takes great pleasure in designing clothing, jewelry, homes, and stage sets. She also enjoys dancing, writing, and cooking. A two time cancer survivor, Mysteurei projects a magnetic and uplifting personality. She walks the talk and is a great example for those of us who strive to see the possibilities in life and tap into the power of our potentials. Mysteurei sees. Can you see how she sees?

    The fact that there is and has been a strife and division between Christ and followers of His profound life and message is undeniable.

    Since beginning of Christianity, the Apostles tried to have remedies to join set cultures of the times – the Jews and the gentiles…We hope to unite all denominations with the Love of God and tolerance for all differences in order to shine as stars for all others that are also lost children of God.

    Theologically Blonde is dedicated to the dynamic of Spirit, in the spirit of fun and camaraderie…

    Finding an opening through the Mystery veil, the passageway between two worlds, is an invitation to party in the eternal inner sanctum, where only pure love comes or goes.

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    Theologically Blonde is an interfaith, ecumenical community of Spirit.

    Which means that we believe everyone, everywhere, has spiritual value.  We’re just want to celebrate that and bring some fun back into the spiritual quest. How cool is that?