If we don’t talk about it we won’t name it.

If we won't name it we can't track it. If we can't track it we can't know how to cultivate it. Let us set the power of the Infinite Spirit loose in here, to speak of it, name it, track and cultivate it, until we reclaim our spiritual vitality.

We are an interfaith and ecumenical community of Spirit based truth.

A congenial organization that never intends to put anyone down. We exist to celebrate life, find our similarities, explore our spiritual quests, name our destinies and realize the value of truth. Everyone, everywhere, has spiritual value.

We are real people, down on the ground,

streaming through the river of history. Working to revitalize spirituality, achieve fulfillment in a better vision, transform perspectives from the inside out, relieve our weary souls. Ordinary people down in the trenches, living, loving, learning, and trying our best to make a difference. How do you transform a soul so you can save a life? Our only agenda is to uncover the truth and let you be the judge. The world changes but the spiritual struggle never does.

“Spirituality is not an end in itself. It is a means of getting someplace.” ~Isabel Hickey~

"Spirituality can mean many things. How does one develop content if they do not participate in a faith community? " ~ J. Harold Ellens, PhD ~ "Strange," she once said, "that so much suffering is caused because of the misunderstanding of God's true nature." ~ St. Catherine of Siena~ "I'm talking about the truth of knowing who you are. It takes self discovery. It takes understanding your ups and downs, knowing your light and your shadow and using your emotions to spice your life. That's the truth that we need to anchor our souls upon. That is the pathway to happiness, to righteousness, to living and loving and feeling our best in every moment." ~Mysteurei~
Theologically Blonde


About Mysteurei

Mysteurei is the heart, mind, and soul behind the Theologically Blonde ministry. She is a consummate truth seeker whose penetrating mind and engaging style is finely tuned to the nuances of the Holy Spirit as it works in and through our daily lives. A resident of southern California, Mysteurei acquired her college education from Bible College, School of Calvary Chapels and her graduate degree in Divinity from Master’s International School of Divinity.

Spirituality vs. Religion

As humans we live in a world of energies – intelligences, feelings and emotions… The purpose of our existence is to learn and grow in harmony with creative heavenly laws and principals.

So, the brightness within that CORE of energies expands to infuse your full being – mind, body, soul and spirit – with it’s amazing […]

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Diamonds in the Sky

By Mysteurei &
Jodi Treuhaft, Cosmic Librarian
Each night we are reminded of the vastness of the vault of heaven as we look at the sky above us. As children we are mesmerized by the plethora of lights, and the phases of the Moon. And rightly, so. The lights, gazing back at our glances, are as diverse […]

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Benefits of Perceiving Through Higher Values

To gain a better perspective

To see more expansive views,

To expand our frame of reference

To increase our vitality,

To ward off our adversities,

To live and let live

To dare to be different

To experiment with who we are

To be free to be who we are meant to be

To let others be who they are

To see as God sees


The state […]

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Is happiness fleeting or can it be a lasting state?

I believe happiness can only be sustained in realizing the redemptive power of Spirit working in our lives to reform our understanding of ourselves and the world. The true state of Happiness is often misunderstood. If we understand it as a property of the material world, such as money, position, or power, it is fleeting. […]

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Can Zodiac and Astrology Guide You?

I believe it is God’s life spark that created the universe and there are many ways within that matrix that the Spirit of God can communicate with us. I see the cosmos as a system that can reflect God’s message, and the stars as the alphabet therein. Whether we read into the stars of our […]

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Mysturei saying Hi in this first video blog

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What is Spirit?

Spirit is the form in which God visit us. It is the wind that blows and the only wind that blows real and honest and true. It is our hunger for meaning and drive to satisfy our hunger. It is the power to sustain us. Spirit is calling your name. Do you have the ears […]

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What is Logos?

Logos is divine wisdom and truth, the language of God’s eternal love and embrace of heavenly beauty. It flows from above to lift us up in divine conscience. It is the inspiration for all life. It underwrites all reality. It delivers sustenance for growth and renewal. It is the opening in the veil that flows […]

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