If we don’t talk about it we won’t name it.

If we won't name it we can't track it. If we can't track it we can't know how to cultivate it. Let us set the power of the Infinite Spirit loose in here, to speak of it, name it, track and cultivate it, until we reclaim our spiritual vitality.

We are an interfaith and ecumenical community of Spirit based truth.

A congenial organization that never intends to put anyone down. We exist to celebrate life, find our similarities, explore our spiritual quests, name our destinies and realize the value of truth. Everyone, everywhere, has spiritual value.

We are real people, down on the ground,

streaming through the river of history. Working to revitalize spirituality, achieve fulfillment in a better vision, transform perspectives from the inside out, relieve our weary souls. Ordinary people down in the trenches, living, loving, learning, and trying our best to make a difference. How do you transform a soul so you can save a life? Our only agenda is to uncover the truth and let you be the judge. The world changes but the spiritual struggle never does.

“Spirituality is not an end in itself. It is a means of getting someplace.” ~Isabel Hickey~

"Spirituality can mean many things. How does one develop content if they do not participate in a faith community? " ~ J. Harold Ellens, PhD ~ "Strange," she once said, "that so much suffering is caused because of the misunderstanding of God's true nature." ~ St. Catherine of Siena~ "I'm talking about the truth of knowing who you are. It takes self discovery. It takes understanding your ups and downs, knowing your light and your shadow and using your emotions to spice your life. That's the truth that we need to anchor our souls upon. That is the pathway to happiness, to righteousness, to living and loving and feeling our best in every moment." ~Mysteurei~
Theologically Blonde

Frequently Asked From Mysteurei By The Audience


I’ve learned over time, through study, experience, prayer and contemplation, that we have everything we need to become what we’re supposed to be. Our existence is charged with an ambition to expand our understanding and wisdom about everything within and around us, and our task is learning to love and grow in that dimension. Life can and is intended to be positive, encouraging, hopeful and fun. Sure, there are challenges along the way. That is a topic I address frequently in my blogs.

Our vision is to bring the heavenly message and presence down to Earth, in the hope of restoration and invigoration for all souls, to prepare our souls to fully receive an eternity of bliss when we reconnect with the Source and Maker of all things. We hope to be able to bring balance to life as we strive to make sense of all things throughout our growth in understanding. We achieve understanding through symbols, myth, Scripture, experience, contemplation, and imagination, keeping a particular focus on relationships. Our intimate, interpersonal, and professional relationships can enlighten us and help us to shape our ultimate relationship with God.

When our soul is anchored in divine love, our inner world changes. Paul said that when by the Grace of God, the new person is established in the soul, ” I live and yet not I, Christ liveth in me!” That’s the great mystery the Christ brought to Earth and is universally true for all of us: that we are all given the opportunity to become anchored in and animated by His Spirit. This opportunity is not something we can earn. It is not something we can return. This is God’s gift to humanity and there are no strings attached. If we will only orient ourselves to this force we will open ourselves to receiving its blessings. What can be greater, than for the Spirit, the divine nature of boundless love and wisdom, to overhaul us eternally.

So, with a mind and heart based on hope and devotion, proof of the existence of this mystery becomes a solid foundation on which to live our lives full of joy. We learn about love as we experience it in childhood, in mating, in parenthood, in religion and cycles of aging and dying. Even if in our experience we have found human relationship challenging or wanting, this greater love is always available to us. It calls us to dissolve within it, to become heavenly as our God and creator is.

So our focus is where we came from, what we’re made of, our purpose, and our future, all recorded in the cosmic code . The universe is a living matrix, our experience of time as we know it on Earth is partial, our perception, knowledge, and understanding restricted. But we can, and will, rise above, and when we do we will know. Our observations of human history and saga are tools for achieving our new expansions of leading better and happier lives. Once we become aware and know what to look for we begin to see confirmation of this everywhere we go. Most of all this brings us peace. Peace in warming up to and knowing Infinite Spirit, which God has promised is an eternal state of bliss and is not based on our daily circumstances. “I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.” John 10:28 (NIV)


In the end I think all of us just want to have fun, right?

I have to believe that’s what Infinite Spirit wants for us in our lives too.

I think we tend to make things too complicated, and to be too hard on ourselves.

The important thing is to let the Spirit lead, and then get out of our own and other’s ways,

To remember that Spirit is always with us, through the good times and the bad,

To look back from time to time and see the footprints that Spirit has left in our wake,

To build trust in that, and gain wisdom for how the process works in our lives and others,

To recognize that life is a precious gift, meant to be savored and celebrated,

Each of us a perfect treasure, uniquely meant to be who we are, and accept that,

So that we can savor our cherished loved ones as well as ourselves,

And not forget to laugh, love, breathe, dance, or however we choose to celebrate life along the way.


Yes. Each is a reference to the Spirit of God. We mix it up as an attempt to breathe fresh life into tired terminology that has become either overly used or overly stereotyped. And also because we don’t believe God is gender specific, one way or another. Not that we personally object to referring to God as “Father” or “Him”, but there are people for whom this has a negative association. Particularly those who may have been abused by a father or a him. But referring to God as “it” doesn’t sound quite right either. We believe Spirit is a term that embodies the concept of God’s life force while rising above gender to preserve all life attributes and associations.


Some, not all. Our theology focuses on spirituality, in personal, Biblical and universal terms. This type of theology is not new, or something we conjured out of thin air. With that said, what we believe sets us apart from many of today’s existing theologies is our focus on Spirit and spiritual law as a means to lead us to truth that is inclusive rather than dogma or manmade law that is exclusive. Most of today’s established theologies have built up around Christology, which is the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Christology is all well and good, as long as it continues to speak to us. Unfortunately, Christ Himself hasn’t been around to speak to us, at least in human form, for the last couple of millennia. In John 14 He tells us: “If you love me, keep my commands. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever—the Spirit of truth.” It is this very Spirit of truth in which we seek balance to fill the voids that have been created in Christology over time. There is a disturbing trend today, of people who are longing for spiritual fulfillment but finding it lacking in traditional religions. We are not trying to eliminate Christology but rather to balance it with Spirit, the form in which we are visited upon by God today, in an effort to revitalize the essence of God and ecstasy of knowing God’s Spirit intimately.