To gain a better perspective

To see more expansive views,

To expand our frame of reference

To increase our vitality,

To ward off our adversities,

To live and let live

To dare to be different

To experiment with who we are

To be free to be who we are meant to be

To let others be who they are

To see as God sees


The state of our world reflects the state of our morality, spirituality and compassion for others. I sense a rise in anger and frustration in the world, and militant finger pointing only serves to divide us further. People lash out at one another rather than listens to one another. After awhile you don’t know who can you trust.

I often wonder why there isn’t more outrage at how we treat one another. Spirit is the one true constant that is constructive and unites us in all ways for all time. It is not exclusive, closed minded, or rigid. It does not mock or judge. It never generates division or scorn. It does not dictate. It knows we are at all different levels and stages of understanding and personal evolution. It trusts that we are doing the best we can with what we have to work with. It understands that what makes sense to one will not necessarily translate to another. That’s why each one of us is called to funnel our understanding through Spirit, and think for ourselves. That’s why we are called to and let Spirit lead. Think about it. Who’s path do you trust?