As humans we live in a world of energies – intelligences, feelings and emotions… The purpose of our existence is to learn and grow in harmony with creative heavenly laws and principals.

So, the brightness within that CORE of energies expands to infuse your full being – mind, body, soul and spirit – with it’s amazing empowering light energy. Think of that light energy as your power-source that sustains your existence toward brightness.

Choices play a huge role in how we can live our lives and that energetic connection becomes vital to our well being. In addition, we are taught by religions from a young age that there is an after-life. A judgment day and a day of reward, when our soul will be in balance.

Religion is a reminder about that part of us that is eternal. But wait, there is a down side to religion. And here is the difference…

Spirituality (The kingdom of Heaven)

As Spiritual beings, we are all connected to the heavenly realm. It’s a dimension that we all belong to, and yet for some of us it may be obscure from our physical lives now. We are all invited to this journey of discovery, which is set as a goal within every single one of us.

Spirituality brings peace, benevolence, and compassion. By recognizing the eternal power within yourself and others it empowers you to transcend sufferings and predictable behaviors. Through your interaction with the living Spirit dimension, you have access to its limitless powers. Spirit generates true freedom by freeing yourself and others from outmoded beliefs. Spirit works in any circumstance in releasing negative thought patterns.

By focusing on the unconditional love, Spirit builds within you a selfless devotion and a dedication to truth and true living. Spirit’s growth within is nurturing, patience, and brings the intentions of good will. In Spirit, your heart, mind, and senses will be trained by the power of all powerful loving nature of God, which is the source of all life. Spirit is renewing you, transforming you with a thirst for wisdom and truth to eternal bliss.

“Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”

(2 Corinthian 3:17)

Religion (The kingdom on Earth)

Religion is a branch of all the rich resources of the afterlife realm. Religion is a set order to promote our spiritual advancement. But there has been and is the down side of “religion” that hinders our progress or even worse, threatens our destruction. It is contradictory to that nurturing guide, and the light of the Spirit.

The negative role of Religion through history has contributed to despotism and cruelty in using power to control people with its negative judgment of the physical world. Imposing their own tyranny over those who must surrender their will power to their authority out of fear of making their choices. It has brought division among people. It condemns, and limits growth of individuals. Religion has contributed to destroying other’s dreams or potential with an allegiance to a destructive ruler or principle enforced. It manipulates through duplicity. Their way or the highway, while instilling guilt for becoming independent. Religion’s power rests in an attire of excellence or excess piety, and in the supreme titles of reverence and holiness. In truth, Holiness belongs only to God!

There is no harmony, and balance where strife, control and greed rule.

“All the ways of man are pure in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the spirits.”

(Proverb 16:2)